About Light Pharm

Sonia Pharm  believes beauty stems from expressive style — which expressive style will mean giving yourself license to be quite one issue. As an indoor designer, home cook and amusive knowledgeable, Sonia created a unified voice for her pursuits in Light Pharm. And even as the location is marked by a conglutination of divergent influences, thus is Sonia’s aesthetic.
Her ability to put different designs, beside her eye for the subtle and therefore the uncommon, quickly garnered a robust, devoted following for the location. Sonia’s work has been featured in Bellas ornamentation, Sunday Bazaar, field art, Martha and Brenda Stewart, Food, Drinks & Wine, The LA Times and plenty of others, and syndicated in publications like ProVogue, Food99, Gourment and Mae Bon Appétite.
Sonia Pharm