I got hurt in a paintball game

I got hurt in a paintball game

There is no doubt that paintballing can be an exhilarating and enjoyable experience but it is not without its dangers.

paintball bruises
Paintball bruises Hurt!!

It stands to reason that when shooting at each other, even with protective equipment, there is still a chance you could get hurt.

That is exactly what happened to me several years ago when paintballing with group of friends. It was a beautiful summer day with fine warm weather and the setting, close to the Atlantic shore in beautiful County Donegal, Ireland, was fantastic.

It was certainly not a life-threatening injury and did not mar the enjoyment of the day but it definitely left a mark. After making several what I regarded as excellent shots for my team and taking out several players I got a taste of my own medicine when a well aimed shot from a member of the opposing team ended the game for me.

Despite wearing full face protection, including a large visor which covered all of my face, the paint pellet managed to find its way through a small gap as I had my head turned to the left while hiding in a small bush. I can highly recommend that you pick up some high quality gear, as found here: Best Paintball Gun Reviews 2016 – The Complete Resource | Paintimpact.
I felt with my hand and yes, I was bleeding. I managed to stop the blood after several moments as it was not a deep cut but the pellet had caused a small slice along my cheek which took several weeks to fully heal.As soon as it hit a felt an instant sting and definitely knew that I had been shot. I did not know, however, that the paint pellet had, in fact, drawn blood. I walked back to the base position and it was only when I took off my face protection mask in the safety of the base zone that a teammate commented that I had blood on my face.

While not a serious injury buy any stretch of the imagination, it nevertheless provided an interesting story and a visible memory of a good day spent paintballing. I recommend that you read this article on how to heal paintball bruises.

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